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- How a MedFunnel reduces your staff's workload...

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Stop Wasting Money on Expensive Ineffective Medical Websites

"MedFunnel helped me simplify and improve my marketing. They told me my website should be designed to do one thing: get more potential patients to contact my office. 

And they were right. Now I am getting a 28% patient inquiry rate (industry average is 1%) and as a result I book 16 more bariatric surgeries a month."

Dr. Catherine Beck
Director of The Utah Center for Minimally Invasive and Bariatric Surgery

"The marketing of health care services is a unique situation and engaging your customer can be difficult. I saw an marked increase in ROI when I started working with MedFunnel."

By streamlining our online advertising spend MedFunnel was able to expand our message to patient populations that previously we could not reach. 
In conjunction with their interactive web designs and online targeted marketing we were able to reach a greater number of potential patients resulting in a marked increase in inquires and a significant number of patients converting services and or surgeries."

Jodi DeJong
Director of Marketing for Jordan Valley Medical Center

Here's Why MedFunnel is Better Than Traditional Medical Websites

MedFunnels are better because we use an evidence based approach to websites. We don't assume things. We test everything we do. Once we have tested something, it then becomes a rule of ours. These rules are what make us so different from a traditional medical website.  We use these rules as a head start in getting you more patients. By the way, these rules aren't set in stone. We are constantly gathering data and running experiments to try and disprove these rules.

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MedFunnel Rule #1: 
Your Website Should Have One Goal

A goal is simply what you want the visitor to accomplish on your website. What matters to your practice? A phone call, filling out an inquiry form, getting directions? We would argue that potential patients calling or emailing you is the ultimate goal. 

No matter what you choose, there can only be one goal. The number of people that successfully complete the goal are called conversions (no, it has nothing to do with religion, it has to do with marketing :)

MedFunnel Rule #2: 
Everything On The Site Supports The One Goal

Once you have decided on the goal for your website, every other design element (text, picture, video) should only be included if it supports the goal (we call this patient centered design).

You have to ask the question, "does adding this element help more people achieve the goal on the site (convert)?"

We ruthlessly eliminate design elements that are standard parts of traditional medical websites. If our data shows a design element doesn't increase goal completions (conversions), we eliminate it.

MedFunnel Rule #3:
Make A Good First Impression

You have less than 3 seconds for your website to load and make a good first impression. Most sites fail miserably at this. They take too long to load or they don't put their goal right at the top of their site. 

You want your goal above the fold (what is visible to someone when they first visit your site). Otherwise if the visitor doesn't find what they are looking for they will leave (we call this a bounce) your site. 

If people bounce from your site this means they can't become patients. Plus Google pays attention to how many bounce from your site and considers it when ranking you against your competitors.

MedFunnel Rule #4:
Reduce Distractions

One of the reasons people leave your site right away (bounce) is because there are too many things to choose from.

You need to reduce distractions, so their attention is focused on one thing, completing the goal you laid out for them (we call this a 1:1 attention ratio).

People are often in a hurry when browsing and are not in a thoughtful mood. They are hunting quickly and are viscerally responding. What you think is obvious when you design your site often is obvious to someone looking at your site for less than 3 seconds.

MedFunnel Rule #5:
Tell Them What To Do Next

You spend $12k-$20k on a traditional medical website. People come to it and leave. And you can't figure out why. It often is because you don't explicitly tell them what to do next (we call this giving them a call to action).

Remember people are in a hurry and are scanning your site. If it isn't obvious what to do next, their brains feel a sense of frustration (we call this friction), and this causes them bounce from your site rather than trying to figure out your confusing design.

MedFunnel Rule #6:
Make It Super Simple To Take Action

Once you have asked them to take action to complete the goal, you need to make it really simple to do so.

Medical practices are notorious for asking visitors to fill out long forms. This is especially hard to do on mobile phone. You need to ask for the minimum amount of information. Gather the rest of the information when your staff follows up with them.

In addition, you want to encapsulate the action you want them to take. This means visually making the action step itself stand out. So their eyes are naturally drawn to taking action on your goal.

MedFunnel Rule #7:
Protect Their Data At All Costs

Most medical websites have forms on them that aren't secure. This means they are collecting potential PHI without taking the proper precautions.

A MedFunnel secures all forms using encryption (SSL) and implements HIPAA compliant procedures for handling PHI.

MedFunnel Rule #8:
Design For Mobile Devices First

If your website looks bad on a mobile device, you have lost. Doesn't matter if have followed the other MedFunnel rules. 

Most of your audience is visiting from a mobile device. Any sort of design problems or slow loading of your site will cause them to bounce instantly.

MedFunnels are designed and tested against mobile devices first. We have spent lots of money testing various designs to ensure maximum number of conversions from mobile users.

MedFunnel Rule #9:
Data Beats Opinion Everytime

We didn't just come up with these rules off the top of our head. We spent money and gathered data to come to these conclusions.

Our competition prattles on about best practices but they have never gathered data to prove or disprove their opinions.

We are constantly looking to disprove our rules and improve our product in the process. That's what any good scientist does.

MedFunnel Rule #10:
Stop Overcomplicating It

Web design companies make it way more complicated than it needs to be. This allows them to charge higher prices.

Stop worrying about editing the site yourself. Stop worrying about adding a blog. Stop worrying about adding another button or a link.

Remember your site only has one goal. So stop overcomplicating it. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

If you are ready to get your MedFunnel...

Click the buy now button in the package you wish to try, where you will start your free trial. You will enter your information, and immediately be redirected to the thank you page which has a link to the on-boarding form. 

For us to get started we will need a few things from you. In the form you will be asked for:

- Your Name
- Your Practice Name
- A Picture Of You
- A Copy Of Your Logo, If Applicable
- The Name of Your Front Desk Coordinator, If Applicable
- A Picture of That Person, If Applicable

You will also be asked to answer a few questions about your goals, the service you offer, and some details about the procedure you wish to feature.

When we have all of this information, we will deploy your MedFunnel site for you within 72 hours.

Billed monthly, no setup fee, no contract.
MedFunnel's Evidence-Based Design System (see the 10 Rules Above)
A MedFunnel Loads Fast and Looks
Great on Mobile Devices
Super Easy For Potential Patients to Contact You
Patients Can Even Click To Call You Directly From the Site
Get Notified Right Away Of Patient Inquiries
Free Website Address and Hosting That Can Handle Lots of Visitors
HIPAA-Compliant (including a signed BAA)
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Billed yearly, no setup fee, no contract.
MedFunnel's Evidence-Based Design System (see the 10 Rules Above)
A MedFunnel Loads Fast and Looks 
Great on Mobile Devices
Super Easy For Potential Patients to Contact You
Patients Can Even Click To Call You Directly From the Site
Get Notified Right Away Of Patient Inquiries
Free Website Address and Hosting That Can Handle Lots of Visitors
HIPAA-Compliant (including a signed BAA)
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"I learned a lot about digital marketing on my own. But it took years and tens of thousands of dollars in failed experiments. 

Once I found MedFunnel, I was able to significantly reduce wasted time and dollars. And now I am getting patients from my website on a daily basis. "

Dr. Jeffrey Eakin
Director of The Hernia Center of Utah

A Few Of Our Healthcare Clients

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do all of these people turn into patients?

No. The percentage of people that turn into patients is based on many factors. Most of these factors are outside of MedFunnel's control. We generate more inquiries and interest in your practice. It is still your job to convince these people to come in for an appointment.

Do I own my MedFunnel site?

You are leasing your website from MedFunnel. The benefit of leasing is we are continually improving MedFunnels in the background. When you purchase a traditional website, you own it, but is rarely changes to adapt to rapidly changing marketplace online.

Can I use my existing web address?

Absolutely. There is a one-time setup fee of $20 to point your web address to our system properly.

Is my website HIPAA compliant?

Yes. Any spot on your MedFunnel where someone can input data is HIPAA Compliant. We use encryption in transit, encryption at rest, and we have BAAs with any vendors that handle PHI for us. You will sign a BAA as well when you start your free trial with us.

Am I locked in to this service?

If you choose our monthly offering, you can cancel at anytime. If you choose our annual offering, you are locked in for 1 year.

Are these websites mobile friendly?

Yes. We build them with a mobile first focus since most of your potential patients will be visiting from a mobile device.

Do I get to edit my website?

No. Other medical website company's tout the ability to edit your site. We take the opposite view. Not only is it something else for you to do, it is not actually beneficial. You don't let people practice medicine on themselves because it could be dangerous and lead to sub-optimal results. We have a scientific system of creating websites. And we don't want you to get in your own way of succeeding with your MedFunnel.

Can I choose the colors of my website?

Coming soon. We find choosing colors and matching to your brand distracts from the goal at hand: getting as many appointments from your website as possible.

Do I get to write content for my website?

No. Another myth perpetuated by other web design companies. It is a time sink for you and lots of technically written content often confuses your website visitors. More content doesn't mean more people become your patients. Our system focuses on making it easy for them to book an appointment. Period.

Can people call me from my website?

Yes. Someone on a mobile phone can click a phone number and call your practice.

Can I integrate a patient intake form?

Yes. We have a standard patient intake form that you can select when you are customizing your MedFunnel. We don't link to existing pdf forms that you use because are trying to get practices away from using paper.

Does MedFunnel do call tracking?

HIPAA-Compliant call tracking and call recording is coming soon.

How many people are notified from the webpage when a patient sends an inquiry via the website?

Yes. We have a standard patient intake form that you can select when you are customizing your MedFunnel. We don't link to existing pdf forms that you use because are trying to get practices away from using paper.

Can my office staff print the patient intake forms

While we are always trying to push practices to be paperless, if you absolutely must print them out you can. When you choose our standard intake form, you have the option of printing via a pdf document. What we recommend instead is copying the data directly out of the digital form and putting it into your EHR (that's why you spent all that money getting them anyway :)

How is a MedFunnel different from a regular website?

MedFunnel is designed using our evidence based design system. Regular websites are designed using your designer's opinion and your opinion. In web design, like medicine, evidence-based always beats opinion-based when it comes to better outcomes.

MedFunnels are focused on getting you more patient inquiries. Regular websites don't really have a goal. And finally regular websites cost tens of thousands, whereas MedFunnels start at $99/month

Can I add videos to my MedFunnel website?

No. We find practice videos too often focus on how great the practice is and not on the patients. Our testing shows simpler is better. We use MedFunnel produced videos that have been proven to increase conversion.

Coming Soon

HIPAA Compliant Call Tracking

One of the biggest breakdown in a practice is the handling of incoming patient inquiries. With call tracking, we can track which piece of advertising generated phone calls for your practice. Plus with call recording, you can listen to how your staff handles call. We think it will be an eye opening experience.

Live Patient Engagement Tool

Your patients visit your website 24x7. But your staff is available 9 to 5. The patient engagement tool is a HIPAA compliant live chat offering that answers common questions and directs them to take the next step, no matter the time of day.

Client Dashboard

The holy grail. One place for you to login and see what how well your MedFunnel is working. How many patient inquiries am I getting? Are they mainly calls or are they mainly email inquiries? What is my ROI on using MedFunnel? Don't worry this beautiful mobile friendly dashboard is coming soon. 1. Reporting will be available - Conversions, hits, cost per acquisition, report also shoes ROI based on a Surgeon in a specialty. 

Color Palette Integration

Everyone keeps requesting to use their own color palette on MedFunnel. While we believe this slightly violates rule 10, we will allow it in future versions of MedFunnel. That is as long as your color palette doesn't reduce goal completions on your site ;)

Video Library Integration

We hate to say it but practice produced videos tend to suck. So we are creating our own library of videos to that boost conversion on your site.

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